Reid Akio Wada

Born : 9/24/04 - Friday 1:01 pm

At: Anaheim Memorial Hospital

9 Lbs. 11 Oz. - 23 Inches Long - Big Boy!

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Sleeping at Home Winking at ya - 3 days old
Reid's Mom & Dad Mommy & Reid at hospital Reid's Baseball throwin pose
Reid dreaming of his 1st 300 game Reid and Dad at Home Reid's relaxing on the couch
Reid preparing for 1st car ride Reid and Dad at Hospital! Reid says Go Lakers!
"I love all my cool toys" 2 months Reid dressed up and ready to go hmmm... i hope the candy is worth it - 1 month old
Mom, Reid (2 weeks) & cousin Tom (6 months) Reid relaxing at home Are those bowling pins?
Another Santa picture for 1st xmas Happy Reid at 2 months Reid's Wada Clan!!!
Reid and Mom at B-day Party Reid and Dad at Madelines Bday Party Reid , Mom and Auntie Cherie at Disneyland!
Sleepy at 7 months.... Swimming Reid at 10 month Reid' and cousin Tom
Reid Waving from Disneyland! Boys Day - May 5th, 2005 Reid ready for sleep (10 months)
Reid's 1st car on 1st B-day Reid w/snoopy on way to LV 2nd halloween as Winnie the Pooh
Halloween 2006 with my cousins Dad & I brushing teeth in Reno I can dunk at 13 months!
Family photo at Brett's Party Reid's 1st Baby Einstein Book from Santa Christmas Parties are Fun!
Reid Cracking up at Christmas! Under The Table! (15 Months) Isshu says "Wait for me , Reid!"
Reid relaxing watching some TV The Karaoke Kid at 15 months! Mom, Dad and Reid at Chuckies
I set these up myself (16 mos) Eating is pretty Fun! Knott's Berry Farm - Weeeee!
Drawing at the restaurant LegoLand car riding! Reid's backyard sandbox!
Hanging Out with Uncle Yoshi! Fill my cup please! Reid & Grandma waiting for Chase at hospital
2 yrs and Drinking from a Big cup! We were Singing Happy Birthday to Reid !! Stacking Blocks at homel
What's up with that? I can stack it higher!! Grandma's cake for Reidl


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