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  GRW PC consulting & webpage Design. & Small and Large companies alike need AFFORDABLE Websites and Graphic Design work to reach a more global market and increase profits. But many times, they can't afford the high cost of having an ISP or an agency do the work. Another thing is all PC's will eventually have problems or upgrades, whether it be hardware or software. The cost to have the computer fixed at Fry's (or any other retail establishment) would be way too costly and take too long to get it fixed, even if the problem is minor.

I have a lot of friends, acquaintances and references that need the work so I am doing this on the side. I currently have a full-time job so I am not doing this to make full-time money. This is why I can charge much less than website developing companies and consultants. Better to have someone do the work you know & trust, than going thru the phone book and not knowing who you will get.

Do you want Cool and Functional Webpage Design and/or Graphic Design for your business or just personal? You also want it for a price that you feel is reasonable?

  • Website Development
  • Website Maintenance
  • PC Hardware troubleshooting
  • PC Software / OS troubleshooting
  • Visual Basic programming? Need a stand-alone program written to perform certain tasks ?
  • Access Database Programming? Need a database created to perform certain tasks?

    Before you give in to paying thousands for a website or paying hundreds of $$ to get your PC fixed, or thousands for a customized visual basic program or access database set-up .. please fill out the "Online Quote Form" before you make your final decision. I will Email you a quote as soon as possible and I believe I can save you some money!

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