2007 Orange County Sansei Bowling Tournament

Fountain Bowl - 60 lanes

These are PAID Entries as of Apr. 30th, 2007:

Mixed Doubles #1 - Saturday 1:00pm : 84 - maximum :) 70 out of 84 doubles are scheduled . 14 Openings

Mixed Doubles #2 - Sunday 11:00am : 84 - maximum :) 75 out of 84 doubles are scheduled . 9 Openings

Mixed Doubles #3 - Sunday 2:00pm : 84 - maximum :) 81 out of 84 doubles are scheduled . 4 Openings

Women's team - Saturday 4:00pm : 56 - maximum :) 26 out of 58 team are scheduled - 35 Openings

Men's team - Saturday 8:00pm : 58 - maximum :) 47 out of 58 team spots are scheduled - 13 Openings


Entries Received From:

Denise Kanazawa (SJ)
Dave Shoji (Reno)
Mary Noda (Sac)
Rachael Wong (Elk Grv)
Linda Ozaki
Cari Uda (SAC)
Scott Zeidman
Mike Murakami (SD)
Jennifer Hirai (STKTN)
Butch Nitahara
Glenn Wada
Tak Yonehara
Wayne Conrad (SD)
Stefanie Hirata (SJ)
Thomas Schmidt (SAC)
Bruce Van Aalst
Roger Kosaka
Richard Lock
Ryan Okamoto
Kristy Yahiku
Craig Kitaoka (HERC)
Bryon Wada
Sid Sakioka
Linda Kiyomura
Jody Kawamura (SJ)
Cathy Poon
Pat Takenaka
Kristi Nakatsu
Christine Kusaba
Everett Nishikawa
Marge Miyoda (Japan)
Laura Hardeman (SD)
Paul Nakamoto
Linda Larson
Cori Murakami
Linnette Hovey
Angela Koga
Julia Takeuchi
Steven Hamaguchi (SD)
Ken Ito
Robin Morishita
Ken Chan
Darwin Tanabe
David Yamauchi
Rudy Castrellon
Lynn Matsubara

As entries come in , we will update the names of who sent the entry here....

Deadlines : April 1st, 2007 (Out of town entries - top priority)

April 16th, 2007 (All other Entries -or till all spots are GONE!)

All of the above entries are paid .. We are a 1 weekend tournament and will not open it up to 2 weekends. Entries are First-come, First-served. Money must accompany entry .. no exceptions! The tournament is only 1 weekend so get your entries in as soon as possible to prevent being locked out of a squad!! Out-of-town bowlers if you have your entry ready please send in A.S.A.P. and call to let us know it is coming! Once the deadline passes we will still take entries from out-of-town , but your entry is no longer guaranteed a spot.

Please use the contacts page to contact any of the tournament chairpersons with questions. Contact Dale Kakimoto (562) 924-0777 -home or Glenn Wada (714) 952-4435 -home to find out how many spots are still left on certain squads.


OC Sansei Committee