2014 Orange County Sansei Bowling Tournament

Fountain Bowl - 60 lanes

These are PAID Entries as of May 5th, 2014:

Mixed Doubles #1 - Saturday 1:00pm : 66 - maximum :) 66 out of 66 doubles are scheduled . 0 Openings

Mixed Doubles #2 - Sunday 11:00am : 81 - maximum :) 67 out of 81 doubles are scheduled . 14 Openings

Mixed Doubles #3 - Sunday 2:00pm : 72 - maximum :) 68 out of 72 doubles are scheduled . 4 Openings

Women's team - Saturday 4:00pm : 30 - maximum :) 21 out of 30 team spots are scheduled - 9 Openings

Men's team - Saturday 8:00pm : 56 - maximum :) 41 out of 56 team spots are scheduled - 15 Openings

Senior' Singles - Saturday 4:00pm : 80 - maximum :) 32 out of 80 spots are scheduled - 48 Openings


Bowlers Needed Section:

Mixed Doubles:
  • Squad 1 - Squad Full
  • Squad 2 - Full Doubles team may still enter
  • Squad 3 - Full Doubles team may still enter only 4 spots left
  • Squad 4 - Women's Team - Can use 1 more full or partial team to enter!
  • Squad 5 - Men's Team - Need a few men to fill team spots needing a bowler.
  • Please contact me - ASAP - if interested - many bowlers coming from out of town need these extra spots filled.


    Entries Received From:

    Rich Lock
    Sherry Ichikawa
    Matt Fukuda
    Henry Isefuku
    Joshua Tajiri
    Dave Yamauchi
    Allen Goya
    Glenn Wada
    Wally Nomura
    Ron Hirano
    James Kushner
    Mike Murakami (Vista)
    Masami Funai
    Irene Takaki
    Kenny Teramoto
    Peggy Miller
    Paul Nakamoto
    Julia Takeuchi
    Linda Larson
    Cherie Yoshizumi
    Matt Fukuda (2)
    Tom Yoshida
    Kristi Arakaki
    Matt Fukuda (3)
    Tak Yonehara
    Kehau Fujikami
    Brian Hara
    Christine Nagayama
    Everett Nishikawa
    Anthony Santos
    Alex Ho
    Quin Barron
    Ryan Okamoto
    Mike Katsura
    Kim Lee
    Tak Yonehara
    Michiko Kondo
    Kevin Fujinami
    Jolie Kaya-Trode (Martinez)
    Kim Schwartz
    Bruce VanAalst
    Craig Horita
    Matt Fukuda
    Robert Hiraoka (San Francisco)
    Matt Fukuda
    Jeff O'Connor (Sacramento)
    Laura Hardeman (San Diego)
    Jody Kawamura (San Jose)
    Brandon Hirata (San Jose)
    Roger Kosaka
    Elaine Oda (San Jose)
    Walt Murakami
    Linda Kiyomura
    Rachel Sanders
    Alan Kohara
    Alan Asano (Sac)

    As entries come in , we will update the names of who sent the entry here....

    Deadlines : April 20th, 2014 (Out of town entries - for TOP PRIORITY (Guaranteed Squads)

    May 1st, 2014 (All other Entries -or till all spots are GONE!)

    All of the above entries are paid .. We are a 1 weekend tournament and will not open it up to 2 weekends. Entries are First-come, First-served. Money must accompany entry .. no exceptions! The tournament is only 1 weekend so get your entries in as soon as possible to prevent being locked out of a squad!! Out-of-town bowlers if you have your entry ready please send in A.S.A.P. and call to let us know it is coming! Once the deadline passes we will still take entries from out-of-town , but your entry is no longer guaranteed a spot.

    Please use the contacts page to contact any of the tournament chairpersons with questions. Contact Glenn Wada (714) 906-0780 -cell to find out how many spots are still left on certain squads.


    OC Sansei Committee