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Note: No Games This week!.
Happy Holidays to all!!

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Final Standings are now POSTED - and it's a TIE for 1st!

Wishing everybody a Fantastic 2015 - and see you in September!

Congatulations to our new 2014-15 winners: KV - Eben K. && Dr. Rxerman - Alan K. Standings were very close going into the final week and there was a lot of movement in the top 16 cashing positions!!! The last day had a lot of favorites win, but there were a few key upsets that made the final standings flip flop a bit in the final cashing slots! Congratulations to those who made it to cash and good luck next year for those who didn't make it. It was a fun season, but not a real easy season as we did not top the 1000 point mark for the winner. Oakland, Jacksonville and Tampa Bay were again the doormats of the NFL and the Pats, Broncos and Seahawks continue to win! Great performances from Peyton & all their receivers, Demarco Murray, Jamaal Charles, Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham just to name a few ... NFL players continue to get in trouble: Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice, Joseph Randle, the list goes on ... Johnny Manziel was Johnny Foolball ... I will wait 2 weeks for any questions or protests on scores before issuing final payouts. If you had any change of address please let me know ASAP. All weekly winners through week #15 should have already gotten their checks. If you won a week and it never showed up , please let me know.

Looking forward to next year, thanks all for playing , have a great 2015, take care and see you all next year!

I will give the results a 2 week protest period before prize funds will be paid out for end-of-season ... weekly payouts have a 1 week period. If you would like me to paypal any winnings, please email and let me know. Thanks to everyone for participating as unbelievably next year marks our 25th Season .. and congrats to those of you who have been here since year #1!!

Please keep this site bookmarked and visit about a month before the football season starts. This is not an open to the public league, it is open to past & current players, their relatives, friends and co-workers. You may bring in others to enjoy the season with us, just make sure they state on their application who they were referred by.

Thanks and see you next year! If you have any suggestions to improve the league please let me know.

We are paying 13 seasonal places this year along with the 17 weekly winners! The final stats are currently un-official - The site is and will be: - http://glennw2.cosmoslink.net and they can follow the link to the football page , a slight change with glennw2 in place of the www.

If you move or change email addresses - be sure to let me know so i can get hold of you before the start of next season!

If you miss a thursday or saturday game, you can still play the week - you will receive the highest loss by any team. Other than that, you are still eligible to win the week and maybe not lose too much in the standings... You can email me to find out what that is before sending in the rest of your picks or assume you lost 16 points on the loser and i will adjust your score afterwards.

  • All entries I have receive are logged in the Entries Received page, if you sent in your entry , make sure you are listed.
  • When the Week #1 form is up , if your team is not listed then i have not received your entry yet.
  • If you mailed your entry, you will be listed when I receive it, if you have to send your entry now, email it to me.
  • I will take your last submission, so if you want to test the form (new people) feel free, just make sure you send your REAL picks LAST.
  • If you feel you made an error on your last submission, just correct and re-send it (PRIOR to the 1st game starting)

    I would like to say thanks to everyone participating , and hope you had a good time .. I have gotten some really nice phone calls, e-mails from some of you and have gotten to personally meet some coaches and I appreciate your compliments about the league, thanks very much .... I definitely enjoy running the league and am glad to hear you enjoy it also ... I don't know about you , but if not for this game, I would have no real care about watching the NFL games! ... Bookmark this Website! .

    I would like to add a few notes for the future:

  • Please check your e-mail picks receipt, it comes right away , this verifies your picks do arrive at my webserver. There are many reasons why your picks may not go through: your internet connection stops, the webserver goes down, your computer is not connecting to the internet properly, etc...... although any of these situations are VERY rare....
  • There is the chance you typed your e-mail address wrong , so please make sure you type the entire e-mail address (username@Internetprovider.ext) , I saw many people type just their username or just cosmoslink or didn't use an @ sign ... and the mails came back to me. You can send your entry in again, there is no harm with doing that. I will always take the last picks you send in.....
  • Please get your entry money in earlier , if you don't want me to cash your check right away just let me know , that is no problem (actually i never do), it is just that too many people are waiting till the very last minute ... It takes a lot to set up the league, not to mention waiting for the US Postal Service to deliver on-time mail, so please don't wait till 2 days before the deadline to mail your entry .... as you see i post on the website the entries i receive, but if you wait till the last minute and i don't get it by the deadline, we have a problem ...thanks.
  • New people are welcome, but please make it friends or relatives , this is not a public game on the internet or something ... it is a private game for friends and families ... any new entries just need to let me know who recommended them playing ... in the past we stopped at 100 entries , but since the website is practically fully developed , I will not cap the number of entries.
  • When calling in your picks or e-mailing them to me , make sure you send it in:
    1) the same order of the sheet
    2) don't use team nicknames - use the city please

    First place this year is $650.00!!! There are 16 cashing spots ...$145 goes to the weekly winner! Yes, that is 17 + 16 = 333 chances for you to CASH! I usually get the results posted by wednesday Night of the next week. Sometimes even tuesday, depends on how much time I have to work on it tuesday. The form for the upcoming week is usually ready about the same time.

    Please continue to use the form for sending in your picks, but if you cannot get on-line go ahead and give us a call at the phone numbers on the entry or use e-mail. When sending in your entry , you just need to send the bottom portion, keep the top portion for your records.. Schedule will be posted soon...

    IF you haven't sent me your e-mail address PLEASE send it to me NOW !!!! This way I can keep you informed when the entry is up for next year and any other important changes or adjustments!!! I don't have your address if you didn't receive any of the mailings. I sent occasional mailings on early games , prize fund, etc. I got those e-mail addresses from the entry. Please only send me addresses that are permanent. If you change your address a lot please do not send it to me. I can use this to try and get a hold of you next year. Thanks.

    If you can , I prefer you send in your picks by Webform , since the form will automatically send you back a response with all your picks.

      ALWAYS REVIEW your picks to verify you typed them in correctly. If the webform is down , you can e-mail them or call them into the message center still.

    Also, a thank you to those who offer suggestions to improving the league. As you see I have worked some of them in .. I am considering all requests (if they are feasible) and hope to work them in so again, Arigato!!

    We do not want just anybody joining .. only friends, co-workers or family are the ones we really want in. The main idea is for all of us to have a good time and give us a little incentive to watch the football games. We don't want this turning into a money hungry game. We appreciate the honesty thus far of all the players and are glad you are enjoying participating.

    Please book mark my website (http://glennw.cosmoslink.net) so when next year comes around you know where to find me. We will try and contact you , but if we don't please contact myself or co - commish - Darryl (dyoshizumi@sbcglobal.net).....


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