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Japanese American National Bowling Association

JANBA Tournament History

After a joint meeting of JACL officers and the National Advisory Board on Bowling, it is decided to break away from JACL control. It was then, under Mas Satow's leadership that the Japanese American National Bowling Association was formed. Ozzie Shimada served as President Pro Tem for the first year.

First National Tournament under JANBA was hosted by the San Jose Nisei Bowling Association at Futurama Bowl, chaired by Ozzie Shimada and Sayo Togami. Fred Takagi, Seattle, was elected President of JANBA. Serving under Fred were Vice President Ozzie Shimada, Vice President Mary Yuba, and Treasurer Gish Endo.

Las Vegas! Hosted by Hawaii NBA. Our largest turnout for a National Nisei Bowling Tournament. Peter Yamaguchi chaired the tournament held at the Showboat Lanes. We lost our beloved leader Mas Satow, a leader of Nisei bowling since 1947 when the first National Nisei Tournament was held in Salt Lake City.

Third JANBA held at L & L Castle Lanes in San Francisco and co-chaired by Kayo Hayakawa and Tats Nagase. Mas Satow Memorial Trophy was awarded to Men's and Women's all events champions. Many outstanding series were shot in both men's and women's events.

Rocky Mountain High. Jean Sunada and Rich Nakamura co-chaired our 4th JANBA in Denver at Celebrity Sports Center. Another outstanding turnout. Women's and Men's Singles Elimination was a great success.

Kenmore Lanes in Bothell, Washington was the site for the 5th JANBA. Hosted by the Seattle NBA and co-chaired by Lois Yut and Jack Shiota. The largest turnout for a Nisei National in the Northwest with five new records set.

Hilo, Hawaii, beautiful site of the 6th JANBA, the Nisei tournament held outside the mainland. Chaired by Wilbert Lau and Jerry Tango. Lessie Yamamoto was honored as the oldest woman partcipant. "Pop" Okumura also honored as the oldest male participant. Both were from Salt Lake City.

Timber Lanes, home of our 7th JANBA in Portland, Oregon. Co-hosted by the Oregon Nisei VFW and the Portland NBA, it was chaired by Yuji Hiromura. The honored guest was Hiroshi "Hershey" Miyamura, a holder of the Congressional Medal of Honor. Steve Shimada of Santa Clara shot the first official "300" game in JANBA history in the Sweepers Event. He also set a new record in the Sweepers, 1441. Dick Ogawa of Hayward set new records in Singles, 740 and All Events, 2115.

Our 8th Annual JANBA was held at Holiday Bowl in Los Angeles. It was hosted by the Southern Cal JANBA and chaired by J.J. Kanegae. Four new records were set. Carol Yasuda Team of Pearl City, 2876, Women's Team Event; Judy Kikuta of Los Angeles, 1823, All Events; T & J Appliances of Downey, 3172, Men's Team Event; Lynn Furuike and Bill Yee of San Jose, 1390, Mixed Doubles.

Salt Lake City hosted our 9th Annual JANBA, co-chaired by Jeff Okumura and Mark Tsuyuki at Rancho Lanes. June Utsurogi set a new record in Women's All Events with 1858. Our first tournament to use a computer for tabulating scores, program written by Roger Nakayu of Salt Lake City.