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I. Dates of Tournament: Sunday, March 2nd through Saturday March 8th , 2008.

II. Tournament Location: AMF Carter Bowl, Fullerton , California.

III. Tournament Committee Responsibilities.

Section 1. The local tournament committee shall make all necessary preparations for the tournament with assistance and guidance from the National Board.

Section 2. The tournament committee shall advise the captain of each team entered in the tournament of the detailed schedule at least two weeks prior to the tournament.

Section 3. The tournament committee shall send out information on housing and other pertinent information of the tournament with the entry blanks.

Section 4. The tournament committee’s decisions shall be considered final unless appeals are made in accordance with USBC Rule 329.

Section 5. Any protest of an alleged infraction of the rules or procedures must be in writing to the tournament committee. A time limit of 24 hours will be allowed for correcting errors in scoring.

Section 6. The tournament committee shall submit a prize payment and report to the USBC (Rule 311) within 30 days after the end of the tournament.


Section 1. Membership in the association is open to all persons of at least 25% Japanese ancestry with acceptable proof. This rule takes effect as of the 1987 JANBA tournament and is not retroactive.

Section 2. Membership is open to non-Japanese spouses of the above, provided they are not professional bowlers, unless included under Section 3, following, (Professional bowler is one who pays or had paid membership to the PBA or WPBA at any level, including seniors, and is never eligible to bowl or participate.)

Section 3. Membership is open to other bowlers who have participated in a JACL National Bowling Tournament any year from 1947 through 1974. Bowlers in this category will forfeit their eligibility upon two (2) successive years of non-participation in the JANBA tournament.

Section 4. At least three (3) bowlers of a team must be of Japanese ancestry and one of every doubles team.

Section 5. Minors below the age of 18 may, with parental or guardianship approval, participate in the tournament.

Section 6. Non-Japanese whose Japanese spouse is deceased remains eligible until remarried to a non-Japanese.

Section 7. Non-Japanese divorced from Japanese is not eligible unless qualifying under the veteran’s rules and the two-year clause


Section 1. The annual membership fee in this association shall be $5.00 payable with the tournament entry fee.

Section 2. Membership fee shall be used toward expenses incurred by the Association and approved expenses by Association officials.

Section 3. The Executive Board shall be accountable for all expenditures.


Except as allowed by USBC Rule 316, no entry fee shall be refunded after the tournament entry deadline.


Average to be used for the tournament shall be determined as follows:

a) Highest of 2005-2006 or 2006-2007 book average.
b) Highest 2006-2007 sanction summer league average 21 games or more.
c) If none of the above, the highest known current league average, 21 games or more as of December 1, 2007.
d) If none of the above applies, men will enter at 190 and women will enter at 175.
e) It is the bowler’s responsibility to provide written verification of his/her legal entering average for the previous two (2) years. This verification must be signed by an USBC Association secretary, and must accompany all entries.
f) USBC Rule 319A, Section 2 (10 pin or more increase in average rule) does not apply.


Section 1. Each participant may enter only once in any of the scheduled events.

Section 2. Average adjustment requirements of ABC Rule 319E will apply to all participants in the tournament.

Section 3. All participants of the JANBA tournament do no have to be members of USBC. If non-members of USBC wish to qualify for high score recognition, they may, at their option, purchase unattached USBC cards prior to bowling in the tournament.

Sections 4. It shall be the bowler’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of his/her legal entering average. Failure to use the correct average shall disqualify the score if the submitted average is lower than the actual average, thereby resulting in a lower classification. Prize winnings shall be based on the submitted average if it is higher that the actual average.

Section 5. A bowler who has qualified for a prize of $300 or more in any event of a tournament within the previous 12 months period must report actual score, position and amount won to the Tournament Management at the time of entry in a handicap or classified tournament for possible average adjustment. Failure to comply with either of these provisions shall be cause to forfeit tournament entry fee and price winnings. This rule will apply to all bowlers.

Section 6. Eligibility for special Veterans ALL Events:

Men – must have participated in 15 or more tournaments.
Women – must have participated in 10 or more tournaments.


Participants in each event will be divided into squads according to the average submitted on the entry form.

Participants will be assigned to lanes in successive squads beginning with the lowest average.

X. PRIZE MONEY Prize money will be returned 100% on the ratio of at least one for every ten (10) participants divided approximately 70% in squad prizes and 30% in grand prizes. In the event of a tie for first place in any official tournament event or All Events, the winners will split the place money equally and duplicate trophies will be provided out of the Association treasury. Where only trophies are involved (i.e., tournament High Series and High Game), duplicate trophies will be provided by the Association.


Section 1. To assure equal conditions for all, bowlers will skip a pair of lanes to the right for the next game. In the case where more than one squad is bowling at the same time, at the discretion of the Tournament Committee, the bowlers will move to the next pair of lanes to the right. However, there must be consistency during the entire tournament.

Section 2. When men and women’s events are held simultaneously, certain lanes will be designated for the men and certain lanes for the women without any interchange.

Section 3. As much as possible, the Tournament Committee shall schedule bowlers so they will not be bowling on the same lanes for their various events.


Section 1. Bowlers must report 15 minutes before their squad time. Tardy bowlers will begin from the frame in progress on their assigned lanes.

Section 2. All bowlers must be properly attired befitting a National Tournament. It is recommended that attire be no more than 4” from the bend of the back of the knee while standing; jeans in good condition are acceptable. Inappropriate attire would include tank tops, short shorts, body suits, sweat suits, bicycle shorts and undergarment t-shirts.


Section 1. Where a substitution is made after the entry deadline and the schedule is posted, a team or individual average, which is higher than the highest in that squad, shall be ineligible for that squad prize or squad high game prize.

Section 2. A “substitute” is one who replaces a bowler in an event.

Section 3. A “replacement” is one who takes a bowler’s place in every event entered by the replaced bowler.


Section 1. This event is for those entered in the tournament and shall be conducted in two divisions:

1. Regular – two (2) men.
2. Mixed – one (1) man and one (1) woman, or two (2) women.

Section 2. This event shall be conducted on a handicap basis, computed at 80% of the highest average entered in the tournament and rounded out to the next highest ten figure.

Section 3. This event shall be terminated with the start of the team event.

Section 4. No bowler in this event may bowl on the same pair of lanes where he or she had just bowled.

Section 5. No bowler shall be permitted to cash more than once with the same partner.