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Here is the current sign-ups for the upcoming SUMMER LEAGUE 2014:
  • Winter 2014-15 League

  • We will start the winter league on September 11th, 2014 and will go for 30 weeks, with sweeps finishing on April 30th .. OC Sansei tournament is May 2nd & 3rd, 2015!
  • 2013-14 Current Summer Sign-ups (Currently Bowling)

    Any new bowlers want to bowl with us , you are welcome to bring a whole team or a partial team and have some fun, challenge and get a little exercise bowling with us! We had 18 teams for the winter season!

    We had our 1st ever Tomodachi Bowling tournament for the girls from Japan who visit us every year, but unfortunately due to the timing of the tournament can't bowl this year ... it was at Carter bowl - 11 teams bowling 3 games of regular bowling (sidepots & brackets were run) and 2 BAKER games!!! It was a lot of fun and seeing the number spectators who came just to hang out it was a great time had by all! Here are the results of the Tomodachi Tournament!

    Here is our signup sheet for the End-Of-Year potluck for summer league 2014:. Sansei Potluck.

    The following is our current schedule:

  • August 21st: Sweepstakes and End-of-the-Season Potluck! All awards and money given out this night! Big Raffle!
  • August 28th: - Bye #1
  • September 4th - Bye #2
  • September 11th - WINTER LEAGUE BEGINS!!!!
  • Congratulations 2013-14 Summer season winners:
    1st: H.T.T.P.S. - Noreen Yoshida-Peer, Christine Nagayama, Curtis Nagayama
    2nd: Team 1 - Quin Barron, Steve Oba, Cain Godoy Sr.

    STORM sponsored Sansei League! meaning Storm bowlilng equipment raffled throughout the league for league bowlers only! ... NBA Qualifying league ... Excellent Prize Fund ... BIG, BIG, FUN Raffles ... Carter Bowl - Fullerton...
    $15.00 per week ... Practice at 9:10pm (oil from 9:00pm - 9:10pm) - league starts at 9:10pm ... finish around 10:50 pm ... Thursday nights .. Good Sidepots ..2013-14 winter paid about $210 for 1st place and $110 for last place (PER PERSON!)

  • Carter Sansei 2014 Winter League Prize Fund (Updated 4/5/14)
  • Carter Bowl Sansei 2014 Summer League Rules (Updated: 5/21/14)
  • Carter Sansei 2014 Summer League Prize Fund (Updated: 5/21/14)

    Ever bowled a Baker Format Tournament?

    Here is your chance! Sorry, Stopped this in 2002, maybe one day we will run a tournament for this:
    This is a team event 5 person team event ... read the sign-up sheet for more information!

  • 2002 Winter Baker Signups (Updated: 8/24/02)

    Baker Tournament Results:

    Ever bowled Baker tournament before - it is a 5 person alternating frames team game. We have held 5 mini-tournaments
    at Regal Lanes and the results are below !! Everybody enjoyed the format. Some of the comments were:
    "It was different, but fun!" , " Too much Pressure!! " , " This is cool, since they use this in the
    World Team Challenge Touranment and Collegiate"

  • Results from Baker Tournament Summer 2002
  • Results from Baker Tournament Summer 2001
  • Results from Baker Tournament Winter 2001
  • Results from Baker Tournament Summer 2000
  • Results from Baker Tournament Winter 2000

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