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Here is the current sign-ups for the upcoming WINTER LEAGUE 2013-14:
  • Winter 2013-14 League

  • We will start the winter league on September 12th, 2013 and will go for 30 weeks, with sweeps finishing in early May ..
  • 2012 Current Summer Sign-ups (Current Bowling)

    Any new bowlers want to bowl with us , you are welcome to bring a whole team or a partial team and have some fun, challenge and get a little exercise bowling with us! We had 18 teams for the winter season!

    Here is our signup sheet for the End-Of-Year potluck for winter league 2013:. Sansei Potluck.

    The following is our current schedule:

  • August 22nd: Sweepstakes and End-of-the-Season Potluck! All awards and money given out this night! Big Raffle!
  • August 29th:
  • : - Bye #1 -
  • September 5th: - Bye Winter league begins!!!
  • Congratulations 2012 Winter season winners:
    1st: Bartchimpuft - Darryl Yoshizumi, Cherie Yoshizumi, Glenn Wada
    2nd: Team 5 - Bob Ricketts, Chang Hyun, Bong Hwang

    Sansei League ... NBA Qualifying league ... Excellent Prize Fund ... BIG, BIG, FUN Raffles ... Carter Bowl - Fullerton...
    $1.00 per week ... Practice at 9:10pm (oil from 9:00pm - 9:10pm) - league starts at 9:20pm ... finish around 11:00 pm ... Thursday nights .. Good Sidepots ..2009-10 winter paid about $215 for 1st place and $110 for last place (PER PERSON!)

  • Carter Sansei 2012 Winter League Prize Fund (Updated 4/5/11)
  • Carter Bowl Sansei 2010 Summer League Rules (Updated: 5/21/11)
  • Carter Sansei 2010 Summer League Prize Fund (Updated: 5/21/08)

    Ever bowled a Baker Format Tournament?

    Here is your chance! Sorry, Stopped this in 2002, maybe one day we will run a tournament for this:
    This is a team event 5 person team event ... read the sign-up sheet for more information!

  • 2002 Winter Baker Signups (Updated: 8/24/02)

    Baker Tournament Results:

    Ever bowled Baker tournament before - it is a 5 person alternating frames team game. We have held 5 mini-tournaments
    at Regal Lanes and the results are below !! Everybody enjoyed the format. Some of the comments were:
    "It was different, but fun!" , " Too much Pressure!! " , " This is cool, since they use this in the
    World Team Challenge Touranment and Collegiate"

  • Results from Baker Tournament Summer 2002
  • Results from Baker Tournament Summer 2001
  • Results from Baker Tournament Winter 2001
  • Results from Baker Tournament Summer 2000
  • Results from Baker Tournament Winter 2000

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