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Hall of Fame

Pioneer Inductees: 1997-Present

1997 Induction

Bill Honda
Another of the founding father's of the JACL Tournament. Chairman of the 2nd annual tournament in 1948.

Jitsuo "Maki" Kaizumi (Deceased)
One of the original founders of the JACL Tournament. He contributed the squad format of the tournament, which is still used today.

Dr. Jun Kurumada
Participated in 47 national tournaments between 1947 and 1996. Long-time member of the JACL advisory board. First Nisei to organize a bowling league in Salt Lake City, Utah. Member of SLC Bowling Hall of Fame. Served as President of SLC Bowling Association.

Susumu "Choppy" Umemoto (Deceased)
Instrumental in starting the JACL Tournament in 1947. Served as chairman of 1949 and 1956 tournaments. Participated in every tournament between 1947 and 1971. Served on JACL advisory board from 1947 through 1971.

1998 Induction

Shozo Hiraizumi
Attended and supported the JACL and JANBA tournaments since their inception. Has participated in every tournament since 1947. He also brings and encourages a large contingent of bowlers to attend each year. Winner of four JACL titles.


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