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San Jose hosted the 10th Annual JANBA, chaired by Ozzie Shimada. The tournament was held at Oakridge Lanes. New records: Team by T & J Appliances, Gardena, California, 3361; Doubles, Art Nish and Tony Figuiera, 1497; and All Events, Tony Figuiera, 2177. There was a 300 game shot by Yuji Okumura in Singles and an 821 Series by Tony Figuiera in Doubles. Ozzie Shimada was elected JANBA President for three years.

The 11th Annual JANBA held in Sacramento at Country Club Lanes, chaired by Dubby Tsugawa. A new tournament record was set in Sweepers by Linda Miyai, Sacramento, CA with a nice 855.

The "Mile High City" was the site of the 12th Annual JANBA, co-chaired by Jane Hada and Ken Numoto. The tournament was held at Celebrity Sports Center with another outstanding turnout. Sharon Eshima from Denver set a new record in Women's Four-Game Classic Singles with a nice 876.

Sportsworld was the site of the 13th Annual JANBA in Seattle, Washington. Co-chaired by Ray Ko and Diana Ohashi. Four new records were set: Travel Planners Team of San Jose, 2961, Women's Team Event. Diana Ohashi of Seattle, 1941, Women's All Events; Blaine Yoshimura of Salt Lake City, 1490, Men's Sweeper; and Wayne Tanouye, Canyon Country, CA, 776 in Singles. Jerilyn Oi, Gardena, CA and Alecia Kanazawa, Mountain View, CA, tied the Women's Doubles record with a 1209. Ken Numoto, Denver, and Tommy Handa, San Jose, posted "300" games in the Six Game Sweeper.

Southern California JANBA hosted the 14th Annual Tournament at Holiday Bowl for the second time in the 1980's. Keiko Kuida and Gary Nishitsuji co-chaired. All of the records stayed intact except for the Women's Singles, won by Helen Arao, 679. Of special note: Jerilyn Oi and Alecia Kanazawa, 1179 repeated as Women's Doubles champions, while Jerilyn Oi also won the Mixed Doubles title with Cecil Ohashi, 1298.

Hilo, Hawaii JANBA hosted the 15th Annual Tournament held at Hilo Lanes. Tournament co-chaired by Bob Aoki and Jane Wakimoto. Alecia Kanazawa rolled a 683 series to set a new record in Women's Singles.

The 16th Annual JANBA Tournament was held at Japantown Bowl in San Francisco and was chaired by Yuki Kawaguchi. One new record was set in Women's 4-Game Classic by Alecia Kanazawa, Mountain View, with a 901. Jerilyn lmamura, Gardena, CA, and Alecia Kanazawa won the Women's Doubles for the fourth consecutive year. Alecia Kanazawa also repeated as Women's Singles champion. Ozzie Shimada was elected to a second three-year term as JANBA President.

The Hollywood Bowl was the site of the 17th Annual JANBA Tournament held in Portland, Oregon. Tremendous scoring highlighted JANBA's second visit to the "City of Roses". Five new records were set: Suzanne Okumura, Salt Lake City, 903 in the Women's 4-Game Classic; Gary Yamasaki, Portland, 1534 in the Men's 6-Game Classic; Lauren Takahashi, Panorama City, CA and Alecia Kanazawa, Mountain View, CA, 1307 in Women's Doubles. Lauren Takahashi also set new records in Women's Singles with a 735 and Women's All Events with a 1969. Kathy Fitzgerald, Portland, shot a 278 in Women's Doubles. Gary Yamasaki fired a 300/814 in the 6-Game Classic. Jim Burch, Portland, also shot a 300 Game in the 6-Game Classic.

The 18th Annual JANBA Tournament was held at Ritz Classic Lanes in Salt Lake City, Utah. This was JANBA's second visit to Salt Lake City. For the first time, there was a Senior All Events division. Winners were Yutaka Handa, San Francisco, and Jean Sunada, Denver. This first time event was very successful. Scoring highlights included a 299 by David Yamauchi, Gardena, and 279 by June Shimoda, Fresno.

For the second time, Oakridge Lanes was the site of the 19th Annual JANBA Tournament. This was also JANBA's third visit to San Jose. The General Chairman was Ozzie Shimada and the Tournament Chairman was Lon Handa. New records were set in the Women's 4-Game Classic by Jodi Hiraoka, San Francisco, with a 957; Men's Singles by Ed Sanwo, Fresno, with a 784; and by the HAPPA Team, Walnut Creek, CA, with a 3086. 300 Games were shot in the 6-Game Classic by Scott Mitamura, Hawaii, and Matt Tanagi, Seattle. Jeff Okumura was elected to a three-year term as JANBA President.


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