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The 20th Annual JANBA Tournament held in Sacramento, returned to Country Club Lanes for the second time. The tournament was chaired by Dubby Tsugawa. New records were set in the Men's Singles by Darren Tsumura, San Jose with an 831; Men's All Events by Darren Tsumura with a 2221; and Lauren Takahashi, Panorama City, CA set a new Women's All Events record with a score of 1973. The first women's 300 game was shot by Wendy Sone, Gardena, CA, in Women's Doubles. Other 300 games were shot by Gary Higashi, Las Vegas, in Men's Doubles, and Darren Tsumura in Men's Singles.

JANBA returned to Denver for the 3rd time. The 21st Annual Tournament was held at Sierra Vista Lanes. The tournament was co-chaired by Sharon Eshima and Russell Ota.

For the first time in 20 Years, JANBA returned to Las Vegas and the Showboat Lanes. This was the 22nd Annual JANBA Tournament and the 50th Nisei National Tournament. The tournament was chaired by the National Board. Jeff Okumura served as the general chairman and the JANBA reps served as committee chairpersons. High scoring highlighted the week. New records were set in Women's Team by Laminated Tops, San Jose, CA, with 3113; Lyn Handa, Sunnyvale, CA. and Jeannie Sakoda, Stockton, CA in women's Doubles with 1309; Lauren Takahashi, West Hills, CA in Women's All Events with 2109; and Moe Asato, Torrance, CA with 2018. Paul Dote, Gardena, CA shot a 300 game in Men's Singles. Colleen Goto, Pearl City, HI had a 290 game in the Women's 4-Game Classic. Also in the Women's 4-Game Classic, Julie Kodama, Freedom, CA shot a 281 game, Jeff Okumura was re-elected as JANBA President.

Sportsworld Lanes in Seattle was the site of the 23rd Annual JANBA Tournament. The tournament was co-chaired by Barbara Nagaoka and Louise Ono. Laminated Tops from San Mateo, CA repeated as Women's Team champions, Jami Tanihana, Gardena, CA and Alecia Kanazawa, Redwood City, CA set a new record in Women's Doubles with a 1324. This tournament also honored the first inductees of the JANBA Hall of Fame. Choppy Umemoto, Maki Kaizumi, Bill Honda and Dr. Jun Kurumada were inducted in the Pioneers category. Wat Misaka, Ozzie Shimada, Fred Takagi, Gish Endo and Mas Satow were honored in the Meritorious Service category. Ed Dong, Dick Ogawa, Nobu Asami, Amy Konishi, Fuzzy Shimada and Lois Yut were inducted in the Performance category.

The 24th Annual JANBA Tournament returned to Los Angeles for the third time and the first time at Regal Lanes in Orange County. The tournament was chaired by Jan Sone. JANBA Hall of Fame inductees included Shozo Hiraizumi in the Pioneer category. Isao "Easy" Fujimoto, Shigeru "J. J." Kanagae, Bubbles Keikoan, Wataru "Dubby" Tsugawa and Peter Yamaguchi in the Meritorious Service category. Matsuno "Mats" Ito, Judy Kikuta, Mari Matzuzawa, Dusty Mizunoue and Chiyo Tashima in the Performance category. Lauren Takahashi aan Wayne Tanouye from Los Angeles repeated as Mixed Doubles Champions. Jim Burch and Gary Yamasaki from Portland repeated as Men's Doubles Champions.


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